Your favourite chocolate bars in drink form


Do you like chocolate treats? Like Milky way and Maltesers? Do you like fruity sweets like Starburst? Have you tried the new Mars caramel? Like it? If you like any of these, then I can assure you you’re going to love these milky drinks.

Neets was the more than willing taste tester with these bottle of milk drinks that we were sent.

The Maltesers and Milky Way frothy drinks come in 215ml bottles, which are a handy size for packed lunches or snack time. Likewise with the Mars Refuel Caramel and Starburst Banana, that come in 350 ml sports bottles.

All the milky drinks are made with UHT milk which means they don’t have to be stored in the fridge. But we recommend you chill the drinks well before enjoying. They taste better that way.

Neets had previously tried other confectionary milky drinks, and they had gone down very well. So were these new additions as good?

The Frothy drinks just need a good shake to create a delicious bubbly milkshake. Did they taste of Maltesers and Milky way? According to our taste expert Neets, yes! Neets says they were just the same as their sweet counterparts. She particularly enjoyed the milky way one, as she said it was creamy and sweet.

They are both available from Tesco this Autumn, recommended selling price of £0.99 each.


Have you tried the relatively new Mars Caramel? If it’s the caramel you like then this one is for you. According to the chocolate eaters in this house, it’s like a Mars bar with more caramel. And the Mars Refuel Caramel didn’t disappoint. Neets says it tastes like the bar with a yummy caramel milk flavour.

The Starburst banana milk drink is the follow on from the Strawberry flavour Neets previously tried. So Neets was delighted to have this new variety to try. She took this one to school in her lunch box. They are school friendly.

Another success! Neets describes this as creamy banana milkshake.

Both the Mars and the Starburst drinks available from a wide range of retailers, with a recommended selling price of £1.09 each.

Neets Fuss Free Living ratings

Taste 10/10 Neets says all the drinks she sampled are creamy, milky and tasty. Her favourite was the Milky way variety, and says the frothy effect made it nicer.

Value 9/10 In comparison to other individual bottles of drinks, these are good value. They are a little too expensive to have everyday, but worth it for now and again. I’ll certainly be buying them again.

Convenience 10/10 Really handy. Good for packed lunches, or for refreshments when out and about. Don’t need to be kept in the fridge. Great.

Nutritional value

Mars Refuel Caramel per 100 ml

ENERGY 319 kJ/ 76 kcal
FAT 2.1g

Starburst banana milk drink per 100ml

ENERGY 303 kJ / 71kcal
FAT 1.5 g

Milky way frothy milk drink per 100ml

ENERGY 332 kJ / 79kcal
FAT 1.4 g

Maltesers Frothy milk drink per 100ml

Energy 386 kJ / 91kcal
Protein 3.8 g
Carbohydrate 16.2 g
Fat 1.3 g

Thank you for the samples.


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