Do you remember Drumsticks, Refreshers, Love Hearts and Double Lollies? Some of my favourites as a child (and still as yummy even though I’m slightly older). Now they are available in Squashie form, literally. Swizzel Matlow now make these sweets in gummy variety. They are available in 45g and 160g bags.

We were sent some sample to try out, because we make such sacrifices, like eating sweets. I realise that not every confectionary is as good as the next, and some are a disappointment, but rest assured, these do not disappoint at all. They were a hit with all the family (except Jasper, being only 11 months). We tried the Drumsticks and the Double lollies. They were a big enough bag (160g) to pop into a bowl and share while we watched a film. The Drumsticks taste just like Drumsticks. Very nice. The Double lollies weren’t quite what I hoped for (Double lollies being a favourite of mine). They tasted quite different, but the children certainly enjoyed them.

Ideal for parties, cinema, at home watching TV or anytime, any place you feel the need for something soft, sweet and squashy.

The sweets are soft and chewy. Not like a toffee, more like a mallow texture.

We think these sweets are excellent, and recommend them to anyone that likes a sweet treat.

Squashies are available nationwide from retailers including; Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury?s and Co-op RRP £1.49 for a 160g bag, RRP 45p for a 45g mini packet. For more information and some Squashie fun visit the website.

The Squashies World App, a cute and challenging game,  is available on both iphone and android. The app is available to download from www.squashiesworld.com.

Squashies contain no artificial colours. Unfortunately Squashies are not vegetarian due to containing gelatine ( I did eat them though).

Fuss Free Living Ratings

Taste 9/10 The husband and kids all rated these sweets highly. My only issue was that the Double lollies didn’t taste like the actual lollies.

Convenience 10/10 In the 160g bags, they are great for sharing. The smaller bags are ideal for an individual treat.

Value 7/10 Food value, I can buy three cucumbers for the same price. But then they aren’t sweet and squashy. So for a treat, these are reasonable and worth it now and again.

Nutritional information for Drumstick Squashies

per 100g
Energy kJ 1424
Energy kcal 335
Protein 3.4g
Carbohydrate 79.0g
of which Sugars 76.1g
Fat 0.1g
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  1. Joyce Fisher says:

    Couldn’t find the weight on the small bag (45g) to work out the nutritional info as it gives the amount for 100g so popped back to shop and bought another bag in case it was on that one…………ate both and hid the bags!

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