How are you going to eat your pretzels?

Penn state pretzels come in a variety of flavours to suit most. They come in a handy 175g bag, big enough for sharing, for partying, for keeping until another day.

Pretzels are one of those snacks you forget how good they are until you have them again. Pretzels of course have the reputation of choking a former President of The United States. How can we forget the jokes and the innuendos? We won’t go there now.

But what if you’re wanting something different? What if you want something more from your pretzels? Well, we had a think. We scratched our heads, we nibbled on Pretzels and thought some more. We pondered and we puzzled. And this is what we came up with. How are you going to eat yours?

It’s Valentine day and I’m sure some of you are wondering what you can muster up to whoo your loved one, or offer them something light to nibble, while you watch a romantic film. Take a look at a pretzel, and you will notice that they are in fact little hearts.

So how about pretzels with cream cheese, strawberries and champagne?


Or how about a pretzel chocolate fondue?

Dip them in melted chocolate and sprinkle with cake glitter or sprinkles.

Here’s what others came up with when I asked them:

Mouse, in South Wales. Use them instead of tortillas for a nacho style meal – with chilli, salsa, cheese, soured cream and jalapenos.

A perfect pocket picnic – Pretzels and Primula.

Cazza in Scotland prefers something simple. Marmite, or cheese and Marmite – yum.

Whereas Big Fluffy Chicken goes a little further. Stuart eats his with marmite  grapes and cheddar cheese.


Red Squirrel enjoys her salted pretzels with slices of apple, and Grey Squirrel eats his on a ‘nibble plate’ , with olives, chillies, onions & Chorizo.

Granny C is a little more adventurous. I fancy they’d be good for crunch in a pitta bread Broccoli and Cottage cheese sandwich.  A ‘Must’ Try !!


Superduck, thinks crushing them up and mixing with cheese. Then putting on top of a pasta bake, grilling for a short time would be scrumptious.

Mouse and Wilder both think they’d make nice croutons on a home made soup.

My great intention was to try something at Christmas. Of course time has got the better of me for various reasons. I wanted to break some pretzels up and mix them in with my vegetarian stuffing balls. I think they would have added a tasty crunch to the stuffing. One day I will try this. One day.

Neets and Bear face think that Pretzels with melted cheese on them would be tasty.

Lulu thinks she could maybe make a biscuit up with some pretzels in it. Which reminded me of “chocolate stuff” that a friend used to make. Basically Chocolate stuff was smashed up biscuits, mixed in with melted chocolate and squashed back together into a tray bake. Simple but effectively yummy. So I think Lulu’s idea could work like this. Combine some broken pretzels up and some biscuits, and mix together with melted chocolate. Press into an oven tray and let it set. Sounds good.

Whatever you decide, I’m more than sure you will enjoy your pretzels just the way you prefer.

Fuss Free Living Ratings

Taste 10/10 Very tasty. Nice and crunchy. Nice variety of flavours.

Convenience 10/10 A large bag of pretzels goes a long way.

Value 9/10 rrp.  £1.49/ 175g A reasonbale priced tasty snack.


Allergy Information

Contains: Gluten, Wheat

Nut Statement: Factory: These snacks were produced in a nut-free factory.

For more information about Penn State classic American snacks, please visit the website.

Typical Values Typical values per 30g serving
Energy 494kJ – 116 cal
Protein 3.2g
Carbohydrate 23.3g
of which sugars 0.2g
Fat 1.1g
of which saturates 0.1g
Fibre 0.5g
Sodium 0.3g
Equivalent as Salt 0.8g
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