It’s Sunday, and here I am

Hello chaps. It’s been a long time since I posted anything on here, and I am really sorry. Time has ticked past at an alarming rate and all the time I’ve been juggling with all kinds of ups and downs. I have wanted to come back so many times, but each time I’ve been delayed and inevitably stopped.

I have reviews, news and no doubt photos to share.

The view from the room is still very much there and is looking glorious today. The sky is blue with billowy grey and white clouds, and at last we have green on the trees and gardens. It’s been a harsh spring up here. Our garden suffered so much. The hedges are only just coming back to life after being seemingly “burnt” by the cold wind that blasted us so frequently throughout March and April.

Jasper is thriving. He is walking and talking and generally up to all kinds of Jasper like things.

Things with Neets are up and down. This is of course expected. But I see more ups than downs, I hope so anyway. The hard bit is when she takes a dive down and everything crumbles. It’s really hard to claw anything back from that, but we do. She has learnt a little of how to cope with some of the things that test her. She now has a card that she carries about with some important words on it for her.

She really likes Little Mix, and takes a lot from their lyrics. So some of her CBT course was based around that.

The last few months have been hard work though. I guess I expected it. Neets hates it when I say that things will work out, but I say it to create some optimism. And generally, one way or another, things so indeed work out.

I’ll be back very soon, as I have some products to share, and more news and views.

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