Room Tour: Town Hallway

I really love my hallway, it feels warm, cosy, welcoming and safe.  Being on the top floor you have to climb two flights of stairs to get to it which probably helps with the welcoming feeling.

Decorated StairsI was given a huge bag of autumn squash the other day and have used them to decorate the top stairs up to the flat.

Fuss Free Flat front doorOnwards and upwards …  I made the wreath on the door at the Hobbycraft Christmas press show.    Behind the door to the right is the bathroom, to the left there are a few steps up into the flat.

Hallway bookcase-001In the hallway, standing in the kitchen doorway – steps down to the front door on the right, .    The bookcase sat at the top of the stairs in my Grandparents’ house for as long as I can remember.  The Tonbridgeware wooden boxes were part of my aunt’s extensive collection.  The picture of the boats was given to Ed by his sister, and the portrait above it came from my Grandparent’s house and is a relation on my Grandmother’s side – I need to find out who. (With old family pictures always stick an envelope on the back of them containing all the details). The rug came with Ed from his flat.

HallwayAnother view of the hallway – bedroom door is straight ahead, sitting room to the right.   I have collected colour alabaster eggs for years and plonked the collection on this handy shelf in the hall when I moved in, and there it has stayed.   Ed built the shelves above the bedroom door to accommodate the ever expanding book collection.

Hallway doorLooking back to the front door.    Mirror to check appearance before going out, slightly redundant intercom – you can speak to people but have to go down two flights of stairs to open the front door.   The boat – Gratitude, a Hastings Lugger – was a childhood toy of Ed’s (are you seeing the nautical theme here?) which his uncle made for him.  We hang our hats from her (boats are always female) and I love that she is the perfect size for the space, and looks as if she has always been there.  Above the bathroom door are some photos of Ed in his rowing days, and me sailing.

Rye Pottery PlateAnother Hastings Lugger is painted on a plate that sits on the bookcase  – perfect for holding keys and other bits and bobs, although I prefer to keep it clear.

Fuss Free Hallway

A few more views of the hall – including the door to the massive storage cupboard next to the kitchen which we would be lost without.  A lighthouse door stop we bought on our first holiday together – from the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth.  I love that everything in the hallway tells a story and have many memories attached to them.

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  1. Absolutely love this post, Helly. x

  2. Ohh wow! It looks so homely! Lovely post x

  3. Brings back nice memories! Speak soon.

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