Tutorial: Pom Pom Holiday Garland

Pom Pom garlandEver since buying the pom pom makers I am officially pom pom obsessed.  Wrap and go, and no more threading a strand of yarn through an ever shrinking hole.  At a relaxed pace you can produce a pom pom every 5 or 6 minutes whilst curled up on the sofa when watching telly.  

Making Pom Poms

I put a bowl on the floor and toss them in as I go, it is really satisfying to see the number grow.  It is all too easy to spend an evening on my iPad and have nothing to show for it once bedtime rolls around.

Using a pom pom maker

There are different types of pom pom makers (I like the Clover ones they really are much better than the – ones above which were a bargain buy from Tiger), they all work in the same way – you wind one half, then the other, close it up, cut round and then tie, then remove the pom pom from the maker.   Give a quick roll between your hands to fluff it, and then trim.

Pom Pom garland on table

When you have enough pom poms crochet a chain – or finger  knit – or plait – the length you want your garland to be (if crocheting do not fasten off just yet).

Take large tapestry needle and thread it with the starting end of the chain and thread all your pom poms on.   You can pick them at random, or a set order.   If you have the slightest tendency to OCD then reverse the order of the final 3 or 4 – that way the order will be the same at each end of the chain (see below).   Once you are happy with the garland cast off then tie a knot at each end and space the pom poms out and festoon your fireplace, mantelshelf, picture rail etc.

Pom Pom garland fireplace

Sit put your feet up and enjoy!

Sending to Thinly Spread’s Festive Friday.  

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  1. lorraine stone says:

    That looks like great fun, another hobby? (Don’t tell hubby!)

    • Lorraine,

      Making the house look lovely for Christmas counts as a chore – not a hobby. Just make and trim the pom poms the day before you hoover as the fluff and little bits of wool get everywhere!

      • lorraine stone says:

        Thinking more long term than just Christmas Helen – I do tend to get a bit carried away with things! It will be pom poms morning, noon and night! Thanks for the hoovering tip!

  2. Great post – now I want to make Pom Poms!

  3. Love it! I shall be investing in a pom pom maker and giving the garland task to my daughter at the weekend.

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