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Fuss Free Jen

Fuss Free Jen

Jen lives in the Northern most town in the North of the North of England, with her husband,four children aged six months 11, 13 and 17, and three cats.

Their house overlooks the North Sea, with beautiful views of Lindisfarne and Bamburgh.

Jen spends much of her time doing things for the family, often preparing for the next chapter and planning ahead. She often has to juggle the needs of all the family. What with after school clubs, trips away, music lessons, dance lessons, general activities like walks to the beach and nights when the lawn becomes a camp site for several friends.

Rhys the eldest of the children is a keen mini chef, happy to create for anyone, happy to help himself when he feels the pangs of teenage hunger. He enjoys most flavours and is game for trying out new things. He very much enjoys fish and vegetarian dishes. He’s not keen on red meat, he simply does not enjoy the texture. His favourite dishes include Italian, Indian, fruit, cheeses and soups. He’s currently studying his first year of A-levels. Rhys enjoys outdoor activities, computing, reading, wildlife, music, and plays the guitar.

Lucinda has just started High School. She enjoys art and creative activities, as well as outdoor things with her friends. She has a huge soft spot for animals, particularly horses, deer and wolves. Food wise Lucinda enjoys most dishes, but is probably happiest with jacket potatoes, chicken soup or vegimite on toast. She is a little fussy when it comes to meat, and prefers vegetarian alternatives. She is quite happy to try new things, but can be a little shy when it comes to unusual.

Ninita, or Neets, the youngest daughter and is busy at middle school. She is learning to play the violin, loves art and creativity, hockey, cookery, animals, and sewing. She shows a keen interest in history and writing too. Ninita is very Bohemian and enjoys creating her own style on life. With food Ninita is leaning mostly towards vegetarian, refuses to eat fish on the grounds that they are her favourite animal, and is very dubious about foods that smell strongly. Her faourite foods include home made vegetarian lasagne, broccoli, cheese, noodles and potatoes.

Jasper is six months old now. He generally likes gumming things and sleeping. He also has a love for Bonanza.

Jen enjoys many activities, all kinds of art and creativity, textiles, and cooking. She has a keen interest in the environment, and kindness to animals. She loves visiting beautiful and interesting places. Jen also enjoys pottering in her garden and this year the family enjoyed some good harvests of home grown vegetables.

Jen became vegetarian in her teenage years and then vegan later in life, until for health reasons she was advised to include animal proteins again. Four years ago Jen became intolerant to many foods, including tomatoes, chilli, fruits (excluding citrus), wheat products, nuts and seeds, to name a few. Her diet changed radically, and she had to adjust her own foods to suit. Fortunately only recently she has noticed a change and has been able to slowly introduce some foods back into her diet. Hopefully this will improve over time.

Jen married John two years ago at Loch Lomond. John enjoys many of the things Jen does, along with computing and he’s also an avid chef.


Fuss Free Helen

Fuss Free Helen

Helen lives in central London with her partner, is a freelance food writer and blogs at Fuss Free Flavours.   She can be contacted on helen at fussfreeflavours dot com

Oddly Jen and Helen are almosy exactly the same age, with birthdays 4 days apart.