Baby feeding time with OXO tots

Jasper investigating the box of OXO tots goods

When it comes to feeding time, there is a wide range of products designed to help out. Spoons, bowls, plates and all kinds of baby friendly feeding paraphernalia. It can be difficult of course to find ones that you will like, and that baby will like. Both things matter. You as a parent or carer want safety, easy to clean, perhaps something that looks good and is comfortable.

We were sent a box of OXO tots range to try out with Jasper, so we were all to happy to help out. Jasper was particularly excited about the box, and quickly unpacked for us. What was in the box?

OXO tots offer a choice of a divided dish, a training plate, a divided plate and a set of two different sized bowls. We tried out the divided dish, the training plate and the bowls.

Since starting Jasper on food, now four months ago, he’s been having an increasingly wider range of foods. So I have found having a selection of different feeding plates and bowls very convenient to have. They have all had a purpose and been used regularly.

First of all we’ve been using the bowls a lot. The larger of the two is just the right size for breakfast and for a bowl of fruit. It also gets used for dinners, like spaghetti bolognaise or cottage pie. The small bowl is ideal for a smaller fruit snack or a bowl of soup at lunchtime. Both bowls come with firm lids. This is very useful for storing. The bowls have a rubber base on the bottom, which is great for stopping them slide across the table or highchair tray. This also helps with holding.

The bowls are nice and smooth, safe for little one and have steep sides to help with spooning, for both you and baby. They are BPA, phthalate, and PVC-free, and comply with BS EN 14372 safety standard.

Available with green, blue or pink lids and bases. The bowls stack inside each other, and are dishwasher safe. They aren’t suitable for microwave use. The small bowl has a 200ml capacity, and the larger bowl is 360ml.

The training plate is a fabulous addition. We use it for dinners, and for such meals as soup and bread. Jasper’s smaller bowl fits perfectly on the plate with enough room for some bread. It’s great for when he has wraps, because he has a little bit of this and that, so there is enough room on the plate to space it out. I’ve used it with and without the removable rim. The rim is useful if you’re spooning food from the plate. This will also prove good for when Jasper starts to feed himself.

Like the bowls, the plate has the non-slip base, which is weighted to help avoid spills.

The divided bowl was very useful as Jasper started to get used to different tastes. It meant I could separate the foods and not use different bowls. So I tended to use this more when he we first starting with foods. It has a removable rim, which has a handy lip when spoon-feeding. The base is again non-slip. The bowl is a nice size to hold, with each compartment holding 120ml each. There is also a lid, which is handy for storing. This bowl is microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

A selection of fruit

Pasta with cheese sauce and asparagus

Both the plate and the dish are available in green, blue and pink. They both BPA, phthalate and PVC free.

Fuss Free Living Ratings

Small and large bowl set

Appearance 10/10 They look good. The added colour on the base is a nice effect. I like their no fuss design.

Convenience 10/10 Very useful, the two different sizes work well for different uses. They have lids, so can be used for storage. Easy to clean. The weighted, non-slip base doesn’t mean no spillages, but it helps reduce them. Jasper certainly likes his bowls.

Value 9/10 RRP £8.17 For two bowls this is a reasonable price.

Training plate

Appearance 10/1o A nice smooth-sided plate with a coloured base and rim. It’s a nice size too.

Convenience 10/10 Great to use for a variety of meals. The removable rim leaves a cute little plate that Jasper will be able to use for a long time still. I really like this plate.

Value 9/10 RRP £6.64 Well worth it

Divided bowl

Appearance 10/10 The bowl looks lovely. It has nice smooth sides, and lots of colour on the base, the lid and the rim.

Convenience 8/10 This was good to use when Jasper was first starting on foods. Less useful now he is well established with foods.

Value RRP £8.17  7/10 I find this a little pricey for it’s use. But it would be worth having.


I highly recommend the OXO tots range of feeding bowls and plates. They have been a great addition and have all been very useful. Jasper seems to like them a lot.

OXO products are available at many retailers nationwide. You can find your nearest store here.

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