Baby training cups

When baby starts weaning it is recommended that you introduce a trainer cup, particularly with mealtimes.

I started giving Jasper a drink of water with his fruit and yogurt at lunchtime. He was allowed tap water, but I tend to use bottled water. Just a personal preference, there is no other reason.  My health visitor suggested we start on a trainer cup, without a valve in it, so Jasper would get used to the flow.  And progress onto a valve.

I went to my local Boots and bought two different cups, a Tommee Tippee first sips, and a Vital baby trainer cup. Then Oxo tots  sent me one of their sip cups to try out. I decided to give them all a try and see how Jasper took to them, how useful they are and how they compared.

Jasper with Vital baby cup

Here is what I found.

All the cups are of similar design, with handles, leak free valve and a spout. But each have their own identity with a specific quality.

Oxo tots sip cup Tommee Tippee first sips Vital baby trainer cup
Valve The valve is easy to take in and out. So the cup can be used with or   without. This valve comes in two pieces to create it’s no leak property. Can   be used with or without. One valve, easy to take in and out and can be used without or   without.
Spout A hard plastic spout with a line of holes to drink out of. A soft rubbery spout, with one hole to drink through. A slightly   smaller sized spout A soft spout with a line of holes in it.
Recommended age 6 months and up 4 months and up 6 months and up
Handles Angled handles attached to the base of the cup. They can be removed.   A good thickness for baby’s hands to grip. Removable handles with a strip of the soft rubber for comfort Attached flexible rubber handles, in a position to make it easier for   baby to hold
Cleaning Dishwasher safe. Not suitable for steam or microwave sterilising. Can be steam, cold water or microwave sterilised. Dishwasher safe Dishwasher safe, or all sterilising methods.
Appearance Comes in green, blue or pink. Comes in variety of colours Comes in blue, orange and pink.
Extras The cup transforms as baby develops, so can be used with or without   the handles, and the spout top can be replaced with perforated lid for   controlled drinking. Liquid levels marked in imperial and metric.  BPA, phthalate and PVC free Comes with a lid to cover the top of the cup. BPA free. Can be   interchanged with other Closer to Nature products (available from Tommee   Tippee). Liquid levels marked in imperial and metric. Has a small lid to cover the spout. BPA, Latex and PVC free. Liquid   levels marked in imperial and metric.
Value RRP £10.21 £3.99 £3.99
Size 200ml/7 fl oz 150ml/5 fl oz 200ml/7 fl oz
Any problems Cannot be steam sterilised, which is the method I use. Although this   hasn’t been much of a problem as we only serve water in the cup and it gets a   good daily wash.The valve pops out if Jasper drops the cup from his highchair (a   harsh drop), but at least the cup has withstood this punishment otherwise. The spout on the cup is rather difficult to clean, as it’s like a   little pipe.The valve is tricky to pull off for cleaning, particularly if you   have wet hands.When Jasper is drinking from the cup, you can see some spit back go   back into the water. This makes the water murky after a short time and I tend   to have to clean the water more often.The soft rubber on the spout has started to discolour after Jasper   has had such meals as spaghetti bolognaise. Also the thin layer on the   handles has started to peel very slightly. The spout is rather large for baby’s mouth and Jasper found it tricky   to get to used to.Jasper seemed to find the valve on this cup harder to fathom.You cannot remove the handles.The valve isn’t very effective and I don’t trust this cup not to   leak. Unfortunately we’ve discovered on several occasions that this cup   leaks.
The good stuff Sturdy and well made. Leak proof and easy to clean. Adaptable to   baby’s progression. Nicely positioned handles. Good valve that isn’t too   difficult for baby to get to grips with. Nice small spout for a first time cup. Easy to use valve. Small for   baby’s hands. Fully able to sterilise. Handles are soft and friendly for baby’s hands. Nice and colourful.


Jasper with Tommee Tippee cup


All the cups have their own valve system.


Vital baby valve in the lid


Vital baby valve out of the lid


Tommee Tippee valve in lid


Tommee Tippee Valve out of the lid


Oxo tots valve in the lid


Oxo tots valve out of the lid


As you can see from our own testing, all these cups have good and bad points.


But Jasper does have a favourite, and it’s the green OXO Tots one. He seems to be able to drink from it easier and he holds it well. It didn’t take him long to master the suction on this valve, and yet it stays leakproof, even when shook and held upside-down.


As a Mum I do recommend the OXO Tots cup. It may cost a little more than the other two, but the quality is worth it. I like that you can change the cup to suit your child’s development. I like that the top of the cup is concave, so Jasper’s nose doesn’t get squashed. It’s easy to clean and a decent size. The valve is easy to take in and out, and doesn’t have any awkward crevasses that are difficult to clean. It looks good and does its job perfectly.


The opinions I express in this review are my own personal thoughts. I bought the Tommee Tippee and Vital Baby cups myself and was given the OXO tots cup to try out.  Thank you OXO tots.


OXO Tots sippy cup

Appearance 10/10 Nice design, looks good. Funky with the handles on the bottom. Nice colours in green, blue and pink.

Convenience 10/10 Works well as a leak proof baby cup. Jasper took to it well from an early age and will be useful to progress through his development.

Value 8/10 In comparison to other cups available, it’s a little more pricey I’d pay this much knowing now that it’s a good buy. It is worth it.

OXO tot products can be bought from stockists, which can be found here.

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