Chokablok cupcakes

Those that make Chokablok know how much some of us like our sweet things. I’ve already tried and tasted their fabby range of ice creams from Tesco and for someone who is fussy about her ice creams, I was impressed.

So I was intrigued by something new from Chokablok, cupcakes !

Chokablok cupcakes are available in two varieties; Gold digger dynamite described as “an explosion of toffee chip sponge, light-as-air toffee mousse, pieces of honeycomb and shimmery gold dust.And an oozing toffee sauce centre”.

Then the Cookie Mon-star, “vanilla and cookie sponge, topped with vanilla and chocolate chip cream, pieces of cookie, chocolate chips, gold stars and a drizzle of chocolate to finish. And a molten chocolate sauce in the middle”.

They come in a box of two and are just the right size for a sweet treat (or two).

Available exclusively from Tesco at £2.00 for a box. For more information on Chokablok visit their website.

We here at Family Jen were lucky enough to get our hands on both varieties to try out. The mere sight of their boxes lit faces up and we couldn’t wait to get our teeth in to them. They looked fabulous, really decorative and inviting.

For me, I tried one of the Cookie Mon-star cupcakes. And I’m sorry to say I was really disappointed. My first bite was no explosion of delicious tastes that I was hoping for, instead it felt as if I was biting in to something with no taste, and slightly waxy. Was very odd. I persevered thinking that perhaps it just wasn’t what I expected and it would get better with more. I’m afraid it didn’t.

The topping had small biscuit pieces on it, which didn’t seem to taste of anything, they didn’t even seem sweet like shortbread. The mousse wasn’t nice either. I suppose I expected sweeter, like icing, but this was more like cream. Which I’m personally not a fan of. Then the cake, again, disappointed. It was airy and tasteless, and when you expected a chocolate taste from the chips, you didn’t even get that. I ended up leaving mine.

My Husband, John, who is a much better cake critic than me, wasn’t impressed either. He at least ate his, but he said the same as me, there was very little actual taste.

Never fear, and hold on there for I have good news. The Gold Digger Dynamite variety were a totally different story.

By this point I had given up, so I left the tasting of these to my Husband and my elder son. They happily tucked in to a cake each. Straight away John was much happier and said there was much more taste. He commented that they were sticky but much improved to the cookie mon-star.

There was a taste of honeycomb, and toffee. The cake was tasty, and all in all the cupcakes went down well with both John and my son.

Fuss Free Ratings Chokablok Cookie Mon-star cupcakes

Appearance 10/10 They look fabulous. They look inviting and tasty. They also look impressive, suitable for parties or after dinner for guests.

Taste 1/10 These did not go down well. They lack taste and were very disappointing.

Value 8/10 £2 for a box of 2. Affordable for a treat.

Nutritional value Chokablok Cookie Mon-star cupcakes

1 cupcake will give you:

Calories 295

Sugar 19.5g

Fat 17.9g

Salt 0.3g

Gold Digger Dynamite cupcakes

Appearance 10/10 Just as the Cookie Mon-star, they look great. Perhaps even more so than the Cookie Mon-star.

Taste 7/10 My Husband rated these and he liked the toffee/honeycomb taste.

Value 8/10 As Cookie Mon-star above

Nutritional information Gold Digger Dynamite

1 cake will give you:

Calories 360

Sugar 26.2g

Fat 22.2g

Salt 0.4g

The cupcakes come in cardboard boxes that can be recycled.

The cakes should be kept refrigerated.

Allergy advice: Contains: Milk, wheat, gluten, egg and soya. May contain traces of nuts.

The cupcakes are not vegetarian due to gelatin.

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