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I don’t know about you, but here where I live in the not so sunny North, it’s been noticeably colder of late. Bitterly cold. So I’ve been staying in when possible and staying warm, with hot coffee and my big jumper on.

I’ve also been making more hot food, the kind you have to warm your tummy and feel content. Like soup and shepherds pie. I also like to make jacket potatoes. They are easy, convenient, most of use like them here and you can have nice warm dishes with them. McCain offer ready baked jacket potatoes, that you buy from frozen, so I tried them out.

I’ve said it before, it seems a bit odd to buy frozen ready baked potatoes. Jacket potatoes are hardly difficult to make. But, like I said also before, I have been pleasantly surprised with this option. They are so easy to use, and means you can have them without any fuss. You get them out the freezer, either pop them in the oven or the microwave and there you go. No washing or picking.

I’ve been more and more disappointed with supermarket potatoes. If you buy a packet of four potatoes that are meant to be suitable for jackets, you often find that at least one of them will have horrible marks, or a gash or black bits. My jacket potatoes often end up with holes in them. Worse still, I often find I have to throw one of them away. Most annoying.

So, already there is an advantage with these frozen ready baked jackets. I’ve never had one that is off or full of holes. They always look so nice. They also come on a regular size too, which is great. Just the right size.

I was recommended a recipe to try out these McCain jackets. Chunky chorizo and juicy tomato jacket potatoes. The idea looks good, easy to make and looked tasty. I added a couple of extra ingredients to suite, button mushrooms and chillies.

Here is the recipe:

Serves: 2

Preparation & cooking time: 8 minutes

Cost per serving: £2.12


  • 2 McCain Ready Baked Jackets
  • 150g chorizo cooking sausage, cut into chunky slices
  • 150g fresh cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 1 small red pepper, deseeded and sliced
  • Handful of fresh parsley, chopped
  • Salt & pepper to season
  • A few button mushrooms, halved
  • 2 chillies finely chopped


  • Cook two McCain Ready Baked Jackets as per instruction on pack
  • Gently pan fry the chorizo sausage until the oil is released. Then add the tomato halves, pepper slices, mushrooms, chillies and parsley and season well with salt and pepper
  • When the potatoes are cooked, open slightly and top with the chorizo and juicy tomato sauce

The end result was great. Tasty, filling, and really easy. I’m so very often run off my feet, so this kind of meal is ideal for us.

The McCain jackets were so easy to make, and are a good standard. Nice and fluffy and cooked just right, with a tasty  crispy skin. They are really quick if you do them in the microwave. Two potatoes take 7 minutes. But I always prefer them done in the oven, which took 45-55 minutes. Quite a long time, and not much quicker than conventional jackets. However, this time due to quickness I did do them in the microwave, and was pleasantly surprised. They were still crispy and very tasty.

McCain jackets don’t have any artificial colours or flavours, no hydrogenated fats, and only two ingredients; potatoes and sunflower oil.

McCain jackets are available in boxes of 2 or 4. Priced at £1.65 and £2.50 in the freezer section from supermarkets.

Fuss Free Living Ratings

Taste 10/10 They are very tasty potatoes, with no bad bits and a nice skin. Just right

Convenience 10/10 Ideal to have handy in the freezer for easy hot meals. Easy to cook, either quick in the microwave or cook slower in the oven. Either way, there is no preparation needed.

Value 6/10 These are rather more expensive than buying fresh potatoes, but they are handy to keep in for convenience.

Nutritional information per potato oven baked

Energy 205 kcal

Protein 3.7g

Carbohydrates as sugars 4.1g

Fat 1.0g

Fibre 3.5g

Salt 0.1g

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Gluten free.

For more information on McCain jackets and other products from McCain visit their website.

Thankyou for the ingredients for this delicious meal

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