Halloween Party with Tesco and Pom Scare bears!

It’s not everyday I find a Werewolf, a witch and a pumpkin sitting in my lounge, but today was an exception. With Halloween just around the corner, and Neets having gone to a Halloween disco last night, I thought it was good timing to get a little of our own Monster Mash going on.

So with a helping hand from Tesco and Pom Bear, here is what we had.

For a little light refreshment we had some crisps and some sweet treats. Pom Bear have a perfect special addition for Halloween. whereas I’d love to open a packet and find little vampire scare bears, and devil bears, these are standard Pom Bears, pickled onion flavour but in a special edition packet. They certainly look the part. You can get a multi bag of six standard 19g packets.

The Pom bears didn’t disappoint. Crispy little bear shaped snacks, with a tangy pickled onion flavour. Cute and tasty. The packets are fabulous, and perfect for Halloween parties, with Pom Bear dressed up in various Halloween costumes.

Available from supermarkets priced at approximately £1.39 for a six multi pack.


Also on the menu we had some sweet treats from Tesco. Terrible  toffee apple bites, horrific honeycomb and a Grizzly tray bake.

The Terrible toffee apple bites are certainly not terrible. They come individually wrapped and are perfect for either trick or treating or dishing out. They are like an apple flavoured toffee eclair. Very yummy.

The Horrific toffee is large chunks of cinder toffee and the Grizzly tray bake is a large flat chocolate cake, with chocolate icing, decorated with gruesome green icing and a fantastic edible skull! Excellent for sharing out.

The Horrific toffee is very tasty, but comes in very big chunks. So big they fill a werewolf’s mouth!

This of course has its advantages, but generally I’d suggest breaking it before serving. I suppose it’s better to have bigger chunks that can be broken than a box full of crumbs.

All the Tesco Halloween themed items come in very funky purple packaging, with great names.

So if you’re planning on having a Halloween party, or would like some treats in for trick or treats, or just simply fancy having something in for your own enjoyment, I recommend all or any of these.

Fuss Free Living Ratings

Pom Bear special Halloween pack


Taste 9/10 Tangy and tasty pickled onion flavour. May not be to everyone’s taste, but they aren’t too strong, so we liked them very much.

Value 9/10 £1.39 for a six multipack is reasonable and affordable.

Convenience 9/10 Lovely for Halloween themes, and come in handy individual bags. (not recyclable)

Nutritional information per 19g bag

Calories 96

Sugars 0.4g

Fat 5.1g

Salt 0.3g

Suitable for vegetarians. Contains soya.

Tesco Horrific Honeycomb

Taste 10/10 Very tasty. A slightly burnt toffee flavour. Very sweet. Nice and crunchy.

Value 9/10 £1.50 for 120g box. In comparison to making your own, this is good value.

Convenience 8/10 The pieces are a little too big, so I would recommend breaking it up if you’re going to serve it up. Very indulgent if you want to just sit and eat large chunks. I think I’d prefer large chunks that can be broken though, rather than having smaller bits that would end up broken and possibly go softer quicker. You get approximately 7-8 large chunks in a box.

nutritional value per 30 g

Calories 115

Sugars 20.9

Fat 0.0g

Salt trace

No artificial flavours of colours. Suitable for vegetarians.

Box is recyclable, plastic bag is not recyclable.

Terrible toffee apple bites

Taste 10/10 Delicious. A different take on chocolate eclairs.

Value 9/10 £1.50 for 150g. A reasonable price for a treat.

Convenience 10/10 individually wrapped, these are great for dishing out to trick or treater’s or enjoying at home.

nutritional information per two sweets

Calories 105

Sugar 10.9g

Fat 4.3g

Salt trace

Suitable for vegetarians. Contains milk and soya.

Box recyclable, wrapping non recyclable.

Grizzly tray bake

Taste 10/10 It’s a sweet chocolate tray bake. I think kids will love it, particularly with the edible skull!

Value 8/10 £5.00 for a 15 serving tray bake. A little expensive, but as a centre piece or a Halloween birthday, I think this will go down well so is worth it.

Convenience 10/10 Easy to cut up into many pieces. Handy to feed hungry witches and ghouls! Although I imagine arguments over the skull. It looks great, so adds something a little special to any party spread.

Nutritional information per one portion

Calories 250

Sugar 27g

Fat 10.7g

Salt 0.2g

Suitable for vegetarians*. Contains milk, soya, wheat and eggs*.

Packaging mostly recyclable, except for film window on box.

Thank you to Pom-bear and Tesco for these tasty Halloween treats.

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