Where did the sun go?

For the last three days I have been wearing a summer dress, I’ve had washing out and the windows open. Today, it’s dull and we have fog. I guess that’s weather for you.

I’ve realised that autumn is well on its way, it’s just around the corner. I’m sure it is just a matter of time before the thermostat on the heating clicks on. However I always find that this time of year that I feel reluctant to get the heating going again. I try to leave it off as long as possible. It is all too easy to crank it up and enjoy the warmth, but I can’t help feeling that we can do a little better than that and save on fuel and costs.

If you’re cold, put another layer on. How often do we sit in no more than a short-sleeved top/t-shirt, and complain about the temperature? If you’re still cold, put two layers on. That easy.

Close windows and doors that are causing draughts. If like me you enjoy fresh air during the day, just close them a little earlier in the day.

Maybe I’m just stating the obvious, but these little things help and if that means paying less on those dreaded bills, and saving a little fuel, then I’m happier.


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  1. I have a blanket over me at the moment…I refuse to put the heating on when it’s just me in.

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