Whether the weather is wonderful or woeful

This is the wonderful sight I can see in the morning if I am up at the right time. The glorious colours of nature painted out above the sea. I love it, and I can happily sit and watch the sky from this window.

The great thing about this canvas is that it changes day by day. We can have silvery still sea with a reflecting sky that looks like gossamer sheets floating on by. Or the opposite of the wild sea, with white waves roaring so loud we can hear them from inside. The sky full of clouds chasing each other in excitement and sometimes anger.

Today was an exception to my above photo. Instead it was grey and cold looking. And gradually the weather has changed from cold but sunny, to savage and a wild north-easterly wind, bringing with it bitterness and hail.

I was only just thinking about three days ago, just how warm, or perhaps mild is a better way of saying it, this Autumn has been so far. I was out walking and had noticed how green the trees still were.

But today the weather is telling. My hands are suffering with sore cracks and dryness. The usual tell-tale signs of any mum. Always getting wet hands, and they inevitably get chapped and sore with the cold weather.

Mr has dragged his scarf out, aswell as his winter hat and coat. And today my eldest daughter actually went to school with a coat on!

So is this a typically British moan about “bad weather”?

Certainly not! As a famous hairy Scottish comedian once said (or more than once), “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes”. (Billy Connolly).

Indeed. I quite agree.  I growl when I hear people use that term. “bad weather”. Why what has it done? Weather is a condition of the planet we live on, it isn’t something we can control. I’m not saying for a moment that we should enjoy all-weather, I know I really don’t like strong wind. But we do tend to start whingeing on about having to wear more clothes, or that the heating went on, and we do tend to like to talk about it.

So here I am, talking about it.

I’ve been reading “Journey to the Edge of the World” that Billy Connolly wrote about his ten-week journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific by way of the North West Passage. This is the third time I’ve read it, but I tend to like to read books I enjoy more than once. I also have the DVD.

You realise just how harsh weather can be when you read about it. Billy describes it as “parky”, which makes me smirk. I’d say today is parky.

I guess we have to adapt, and we’re used to it. Tomorrow when I am out and about early in the day, I will have my big coat on, and the wind will no doubt be reminding me just how cold it is. As long as the wind stays relatively calm, you wont hear me complaining.

Unless of course I have loads of washing to do and it’s raining.

Meanwhile, I’ll just keep enjoying this ever-changing picture.

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